Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Most people call me Sha, and I’m a UXer, recipe developer, crazy cat lady, and curious redditor by day – soup kitchen maestro by night. I am passionate about nutrition and health, and I go by the rule that good nourishing food should be accessible to everyone – not just those who can afford a $10 pressed juice (honestly though, what a rip off). I generally cook with locally sourced or sustainable ingredients, or I grab them right from mum’s garden! Thanks mum!

It might sound naive, but I do believe that if most of us prepared food with basic knowledge of sustainable harvesting, we can reduce food wastage, famine, and our ecological footprint.

When I am not bustling around in the kitchen, I’m either at work/travelling, at the gym, at the soup kitchen, or eating. I’m currently based in Melbourne, and the local food and wine scene here is fantastic!  The dining establishments here often proudly boasts about their locally sourced produce, and I’m spoilt rotten for choice when it comes to farmers markets and eco- friendly products. Of course, this is not to say I am a farm-to-table food snob… I honestly do enjoy the occasional fast food, albeit guiltily.

This blog is an extension of a project I’m currently spending my spare time and energy on to teach/raise awareness about sustainable harvesting and nutrition. I am working with a group of awesome people currently establishing a program surrounding this initiative for schools in developing countries and rural communities in Australia. We are still a baby project so keep an eye out here on my blog for updates!

Happy feasting, but do mind your table manners!

Some things to know…

  • All photos are taken by yours truly, unless otherwise stated. Everything on this site, including written posts, is subject to copyright and if you would like to use any of my content please discuss with me first at shashapendit[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • I am not a food critic, and the reviews on restaurants are based on my personal opinion and all the meals I have reviewed I have paid for myself.
  • Unless stated, all of the local business I promote have not paid me to write about them. I am a FIRM supporter of buying local and when I find a local business I like and that I think people will benefit from knowing about, I will promote them.